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Our next Women’s History Month appreciation post can literally go on and on and on with her list of accomplishments! Here are the highlights for our very own STEM Director, Dr. Rachel Person.

Dr. Person graduated with a B.S. Chemistry/Technical Writing degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, while a student, she authored her first technical publication in the Journal of Analytical Chemistry. She then later received a Ph. D. in Biological Sciences from Tennessee State University.

She is a pioneer of firsts in so many ways! She was the first African-American postdoctoral fellow hired in 30 years with the Heavy Metal Toxicology Group of the National Cancer Institute. She was the first African-American contract scientist in the STEM Cell Toxicology Group with the National Toxicology Program Laboratory. And she also was the first African-American Scientist hired in the Shared Services Regulatory Group of GFS Chemicals in Columbus, OH.

Not only has Dr. Person exceeded in her career, but she’s also served as one of our troops. Serving as a Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Operations Specialist in the U.S. Army.

And after all that is said and done, Dr. Person attributes her most cherished accomplishments as being an advocate of Romans 1:16, wife and mother of two amazing children, and child advocate.

We salute you and all of your accomplishments and appreciate your service!