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GSA Uniform Dress Code

Scholars’ appearance should be conducive to learning and reflect the serious commitment of our learning environment. At GSA we implement a uniform policy to encourage discipline, diminish social and economic barriers among scholars, and increase school pride and a sense of belonging.

As a part of our “whole-child” approach, we also believe it is important to teach our scholars the importance of appropriate apparel and appearance and what you communicate through your physical presentation – both critical to success in bridging to mainstream.

Scholars must understand what is acceptable and how to tailor their dress and appearance to different professional and social situations and contexts.

To that end, scholars are expected to be neat, clean, and in an approved school uniform every day. Every scholar is expected to wear a uniform that fits appropriately, is clean and in good condition.

The following is the uniform requirement for Global Scholars Academy scholars:

  • Grey GSA branded polo shirt, in short or long sleeve
  • Shirts must be worn tucked in neatly to bottoms in at all times
  • Navy blue bottoms (jumper, pants, shorts or skirts are appropriate)
  • Shorts, skirts or jumpers should be loose fitting and knee length but no shorter than the tip of the child’s longest finger when standing with their arms down by their side
  • Girls are permitted to wear blue or black tights or leggings under their skirts, shorts or jumpers
  • Leggings, jeggings, or jeans are not permitted as stand alone bottoms
  • Navy blue or black belt should be worn if belt loops are present
  • Shoes must be all black
  • Blue or black socks only
  • Knee high socks in blue or black are permitted
  • Navy GSA branded sweater may be worn seasonally or as needed when the temperature outside or inside is cool
  • Grey GSA branded polo shirt, in short or long sleeve
  • Shirts must be worn tucked in at all times
  • Shirts must be tucked in neatly to bottoms
  • Navy blue bottoms (pants or shorts)
  • Bottoms should be tailored and not too loose fitting
  • Sagging pants are NOT permitted and must be pulled up and belted at the waist
  • Jeans are not permitted
  • A navy blue or black belt should be worn if belt loops are present
  • Shoes must be all black
  • Blue or black socks only
  • Navy GSA branded sweater may be worn seasonally or as needed when the temperature outside or inside is cool

Scholars must wear proper undergarments under their uniforms. If the undergarment is visible at the neckline, the garment must be white. Colorful, showing undergarments are not allowed as part of the school uniform.


Scholars must wear approved outerwear during the day. This includes navy blue sweater vests, navy blue button cardigans, or GSA sweatshirts. We know from time to time, scholars may be cool during the day; however, scholars are not allowed to wear anything other than approved clothing as outerwear.


Girls and Boys: Black leather shoes or an all-black sneaker with no colorful logos or designs.

Shoestrings must be in wearable condition that allows for the scholars’ shoes to be and tied in a neat knot or bow. All scholars (male and female) should wear sneakers or shoes with rubber bottoms. This allows for quick transition from class to gym and safe movement through the school on non-carpeted floors. We do not allow changing of shoes and clothing (outside of PE) because we want to maximize our instruction time in the classroom and in the gymnasium.


Scholars are not permitted to wear any jewelry that would be could be distracting to the learning environment such as large o,r dangling or noisy earrings and bracelets, necklaces or watches. Small stud earrings, thin necklaces and basic a watches are acceptable.


Scholars are expected to come to school each day with well-groomed hair. Any hair coloring and/or hair extensions must be the natural color of human hair. Hair in bright unnatural colors will not be permitted. No excessive or distracting accessories in the students’ hair that may cause a class or school distraction will be permitted.


Grades K–5: Makeup is not permissible for scholars. Scholars may only use Chap Stick as a lip ointment, but no lip-gloss is permitted.

Grades 6-8: Scholars in grades 6-8 are permitted to wear natural color makeup that does not create a distraction. Distracting bright and loud colors and/or glitter are not permitted.

In the event that your child’s school uniform does not meet the School’s standards, you will receive a Uniform Infraction Sheet indicating the uniform items that need attention. Scholars receiving five “uniform infractions” may be considered for dismissal. A parent conference is required after three (3) infractions.

Global Scholars Academy is a place to work and to learn. Like the uniforms worn by the scholars, it is important that clothing worn by adults reflects the same sense of purpose. Teachers and staff are expected to dress professionally – less formal than traditional business wear (i.e. suit and tie), but still give a professional impression. The exception is PE and certain Arts faculty depending upon the nature of their instruction; however, dress will be professional and will never include jeans and/or t-shirts unless specifically designated by the administration.

All adults who enter the building are encouraged to serve as role models for the scholars and to dress accordingly. The following are examples of clothing considered inappropriate:

  • Items that are vulgar, obscene, libelous or disparage others on account of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability
  • Extremely brief garments, visible undergarments, low cut necklines, see-through garments, drooping pants
  • Spaghetti strap, off-shoulder, or strapless top
  • Pajamas, sleepwear, and loungewear
  • Clothing that promotes and/or endorses the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs and/or encourages other illegal or violent activities
  • Hats, headscarves (except for medical or religious purposes) are not to be worn in the building

Uniforms may be purchased in the Front Office and in our Online Store during designated times- these will be announced via school communication.

We have support in place to help families who may have difficulty purchasing uniforms – please contact us directly for more information.