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Developing Strong Leaders, Scholars and Citizens

Global Scholars Academy empowers scholars to develop their full potential in academics, the arts, and community. We seek to provide enriching opportunities for scholars to pursue their own creative interests beyond the traditional scholarly disciplines, both inside and outside the classroom. Please take a look at the exciting things going on at our school — and keep an eye out for the great opportunities to be added in the future.

Soaring with passion to succeed and excel.


I pledge my loyalty to Global Scholars Academy, In my heart and my mind, you shall remain, I am a student seeking to be a scholar, Failure is not an option today or tomorrow. I am destined for greatness and in that I believe, In all of my efforts, I will seek to achieve. I will be disciplined, focused, and on time, Courteous, responsible, organized, and kind. As a proud eagle, I will soar to new heights and Accept the challenges before me. I am on a mission to elevate myself, my community, and all of humanity.