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Meeting was called to order by Dr. James Johnson at 6:18 p.m.

Open and Welcome

Roll Call of Members: Ms. Amy Noble
Board Members Present: Dr. James Johnson, Dr. Tawannah Allen, Mr. William Smith, Mr. Kirk McCoy, Mrs. Dorothy Hairston Mitchell
Board Members Absent: Ms. Virda Adams, Dr. Linda Bass, Ms. Tammie Hall, Mr. Brian Wilson
Non-Board Members Present: Mr. Jason Jowers, Mrs. Miya Brown, Ms. Jamie Nobles, Ms. Amy Noble, Ms. Rebekah Barr

Dr. Johnson announced Mr. Steven Pearson and Dr. Joselyn Todd have resigned from the Board.

Approval of Agenda
Dr. Allen moved to approve the agenda for tonight’s meeting. Mr. McCoy seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Public Input

Approval of Meeting Minutes
Mrs. Hairston Mitchell moved to approve the Board minutes from Wednesday, August 23, 2017 as written. Mr. McCoy seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Quick Hits – Jason Jowers
Friday is the last day of this grading period. Intersession remediation begins Monday. School will resume October 16 for the second quarter.

School Reports:
Jason Jowers – Head of School School Enrollment and Academic Updates

The current enrollment is 205 students. School performance grades were released September 7. GSA exceeded growth in proficiency by 17 percent. The overall performance score was a 60 and the grade moved from a D to a C. The goal for this year is 20 percent. Students just took the first benchmark testing and the results were a couple of points above where students ended on the End-of-Grade testing. Administration is looking for creative ways to move EC children up in growth.

With the vacancy for a Science teacher, GSA’s Social Studies teacher (who taught Science before coming to GSA) is teaching Science. Interviews are underway for a Social Studies teacher.

Dr. Allen would also like to make sure GSA is looking to grow proficient students and early identification of children that would be up to the challenge of Cary Academy.

Dr. Allen and Dr. Johnson would like to see children that made major growth be publically acknowledged – perhaps during a Parent Night.

The Board will draft a letter to GSA staff publically acknowledging what they have done to achieve this success. Staff will also receive a $500 bonus.

Mr. McCoy publically acknowledged Mr. Jowers and Mrs. Brown on a job well done and the growth that was made. He requested attention to higher grades as to how they are performing. Mr. Jowers and staff are working to keep the momentum going for them. A lot of middle graders are coming to intersession camp

Mrs. Hairston Mitchell commended the growth and proficiency gained. She has seen how excited the children are interacting with Mr. Jowers and Mrs. Brown.

Miya Brown – Asst. Head of School & 21st Century Director21st Century Program Updates

Mrs. Brown presented information regarding the 21st Century program. New programs have been implemented this year including a Girls Pursuing Science program, a competitive Robotics team, and a Gain Ground Computer Coding class. A closing letter from the fiscal audit was received and GSA received a clean audit – in compliance with no marks.

Rebekah Barr CPA PC GSA Audit

Ms. Barr presented the draft of the audit. The MDMA (Management Discussion and Analysis) is not in this audit draft. No issues were found during the audit. Exhibits 1 and 2 are basic full accrual accounts. Following that is a basic financial statement, footnotes, and then the compliance reports. Federal and state programs are at the end. The audit is clean. There is positive cash flow and balance. Good trend in the positive of the last couple of years. Ms. Barr will file Form 990 (United States IRS form that provides the public with financial information about a nonprofit organization).

Business Report:
Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant Financial Report

Ms. Nobles presented the monthly compilation financial statement.

The Tabitha Foundation funds were received. GSA received an allotment from the State of North Carolina. GSA received $2248 in July from Union Baptist Church (UBC). A discussion followed regarding online giving.

The 21st Century review and audit is complete. Ms Barr’s audit is due October 30. The Exceptional Children’s audit is due October 16.

Old Business:
There is no Old Business.

New Business:
Dorothy Hairston Mitchell – GSA Board Member UBC Denotation

Mrs. Hairston Mitchell presented information regarding how the relationship between GSA and UBC is denoted in the lease, in giving, etc. Mrs. Hairston Mitchell would like to have a committee with Mr. Smith and Mr. McCoy to work on updating the lease agreement. She contacted the intellectual property and patent clinic at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) in order to get GSA’s new branding patented and copyrighted.

Dr. Johnson requested any recommendations for new Board Members be sent to him. He would like to start the new year with four new board members.

Adjournment for Closed Session:
A motion was made by Mr. Smith at 7:40 p.m. to go into closed session to prevent the disclosure of privileged information under the North Carolina General Statue 143-318.11(a)(1). The motion was seconded by Mr. McCoy.

Open Session:
A motion was made to go back into Open Session by Mrs. Hairston Mitchell with a second by Mr. McCoy.

Mr. McCoy made motion for the Board meeting to adjourn with a second by Mr. Smith. The meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.