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PowerSchool provides an innovative K-12 education technology platform that fuels operations, classrooms, scholar growth, and family engagement. www.globalscholars.powerschool.com

Discovery Ed

Discovery Education is a variety of interactive multimedia tools to support scholar-centered learning. This platform allows our scholars to access a collection of videos, passages, and learning resources as they explore various concepts and engage in 21st century learning. https://www.discoveryeducation.com/


GSA uses i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction, an innovative adaptive assessment and engaging personalized instruction program for reading and math. We use i-Ready to assess the needs of our scholars while monitoring their progress throughout the school year, using the individualized learning path they can practice even while at home. Please use the link attached for your child to login and continue to practice. https://www.curriculumassociates.com/products/i-ready

Study Island

Study Island combines rigorous content that is customized to meet the North Carolina State Standards, in all content areas, with interactive features and games that engage our scholars and reinforce learning. https://www.edmentum.com/products/study-island


NewsELA is an educational platform that enables scholars to build their reading comprehension by providing high quality news articles and assessments to support growth and learning. https://newsela.com/


Flocabulary is a learning platform that is used to help our scholars master critical learning standards build vocabulary and develop 21st-century skills as they become competent readers of tomorrow. https://www.flocabulary.com/

Apex Learning

Classroom resource


Classroom resource


Classroom resource