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Global Scholars Academy (GSA) Board Minutes Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Held in GSA Room 228 at 6 p.m.

Meeting was called to order by Mr. William Smith at 6:20 p.m.

Open and Welcome
Roll Call of Members: Ms. Amy Noble
Board Members Present: Ms. Virda Adams, Dr. Linda Bass, Mr. Kirk McCoy, Mr. William Smith
Board Members Present via phone/Skype: Mrs. Dorothy Hairston Mitchell
Board Members Absent: Dr. James Johnson, Dr. Tawannah Allen, Mr. Steven Pearson, Dr. Joselyn Todd, Mr. Brian Wilson, Rev. Kenneth Hammond
Non-Board Members Present: Mr. Jason Jowers, Ms. Brittany Curry, Ms. Jamie Nobles, Ms. Amy Noble
Quorum was not met – meeting is for information only.
Approval of Agenda
The agenda for the meeting could not be approved tonight.
Public Input
Approval of Meeting Minutes
Board Meeting minutes from Tuesday, June 20, 2017 could not be approved tonight.

Quick Hits
Brittany Curry – Managing Director

  • Backfill Board Seat – the Board is actively looking for a backfill of Board Member who resigned position to assume FT Managing Director position at GSA.
  • Union Baptist Church Affiliation – Union Baptist Church (UBC) owns the school facility and remains a critical supporter of GSA.
  • Uniforms – Launched new uniforms this school year. Every child is outfitted. Some families are on payment plans and large orders continue to come in.
  • Exceptional Children (EC) Contracts – two contracts will be sent to Board member Ms. Mitchell for review – vendors are the same as used last year. Expecting an EC audit in October.
  • Budget Approved – Confirming (present in Board meeting minutes) the budget was approved for 17/18 school year.
  • Financial Statement compilation – when compilations are presented, they need to be approved.

School/Academic Reports:
Jason Jowers – Head of School School Enrollment and Academic Updates

  • School is back in session. Currently have 214 students. All grade levels are full except for one spot in 6th grade and 11 spots in 8th grade. Teacher contracts have been signed. Testing for reading and math levels has begun and about to kickoff beginning of year testing for 3rd graders and mClass testing for K-3. The WIDA testing (for English-language learners) process has begun and plan to finish by end of week.
  • Over 55 new scholars(students) at school this year.
  • All teacher positions are filled except Science. We have a long-term sub in place with a math background and she has an academic coach with her.
  • First PACC (Protection/Affection/Correction/Connection) training for staff has taken place and there will be more two more trainings August 18 and September 1.
  • Back to School nights were held for all grades a few days before school started.
  • A PTSA signup table was at the Back to School event. Currently looking for a new president as the current president’s child transferred out of GSA.

Financial Reports:

Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant 2016-2017 School Year Close Review
Ms. Nobles presented information regarding the revenue, expenses, and surplus for the 2016-2017 school year. Cash reserve used to cover painting for the school, desks for three classrooms, and marketing.

Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant Financial Updates
Ms. Nobles presented the monthly compilation financial statement. The bottom line number is correct. A few items need to be moved around to reflect being in the right category. A final statement will be given at the next Board meeting. The Tabitha Foundation money was received.

Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant Union Baptist Church Campaign
Ms. Nobles presented the information regarding the UBC campaign. It ended a bit shy of the revised goal of $78k. They raised $76,102 this school year. Second quarter online donations should be received by the end of this month. GSA is estimating UBC will give about $70k during the 2017-2018 school year. GSA is continuing to be deliberate about their relationship with UBC in terms of giving.

Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant Cash Update
Ms. Nobles shared an overview of the cash update on the operating account. It is planned for Dr. Johnson to open the savings account this month for the reserve.

Ms. Nobles shared an overview of the cash update on the operating account. It is planned for Dr. Johnson to open the savings account this month for the reserve.

The bus will have $14-15k in repairs made. They will also put the seat belts on at that time.

Mr. Smith noted – A salary equity was done for one of GSA’s employees to make it comparable to what Durham Public Schools offers.

The financial reports could not be approved for tonight’s meeting.

Fundraising Report:
Brittany Curry – Managing Director

Ms. Curry provided a fundraising update.

Kenan Charitable Trust and Tabitha Foundation money has been received.

214 enrollment at present – great for government funding per child.

Goodnight Foundation – Dr. Johnson had a productive meeting with Mrs. Goodnight. Following up with a personalized leading scholars packet. Several students wrote letters to Mrs. Goodnight.

Strategic planning in the next few months including development in grant writing.

Key priorities –

  • 21st Century Grant Application and Replacement for 2018-2019
  • Appropriate balance of private, individual, and government support
  • Resource raising
  • Prospects in pipeline we continue to pursue
  • Mr. Smith suggested reserve money could be earmarked for 21st Century program if grant is not renewed

Classroom Standardization:
Brittany Curry – Managing Director

Ms. Plummer has been leading classroom standardization guidelines in order to optimize learning environments and leveraging best practices.

21st Century Report:
Brittany Curry – Managing Director

Ms. Curry presented information regarding the 21st Century budget. A financial audit will be held on August 15. Ms. Agatha Brown (former Business and Finance Co-Head of School) will be onsite July 31 to help prepare for the audit.

Curriculum – Mr. Jowers gave a 21st Century Curriculum update – Very intentional about making the regular day to extended day transition seamless. Additional STEM programs have been incorporated.

Old Business:
Brittany Curry – Managing Director Charge Policy
Ms. Curry asked the Board to provide feedback by Friday, July 28. This policy is encouraged by the State of North Carolina.

Brittany Curry – Managing Director Social Media Policy
The Board can expect a draft at the next Board Meeting.

Brittany Curry – Managing Director Building Maintenance
Ms Curry shared issues – roof, water in the walls, security, projectors, primary facility use, and scheduling. She is in conversations with Jackie Brown at UBC. Dr. Bass had a conversation with Jackie Brown regarding the issues with the roof. They are looking to see if the water in the wall is coming from the roof. Mr. Jiles (UBC staff member) is looking into projectors. Primary use of facility – would appreciate creative solutions and are in continuous communication with UBC.

Marketing Report:
Brittany Curry – Managing DirectorWebsite
The new GSA website is up and live. It contains sections for: meet the team, donate, blog, and an online spirit store coming soon.

Brittany Curry – Managing DirectorUpdated Assets
Updated Assets are in use throughout the building including SOAR behavior posters, Eagle Bucks, the student creed, and new logos.

Topics originally scheduled for Closed Session will be deferred. Meeting adjourned at 7:33 p.m.