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Global Scholars Academy (GSA) Board Minutes Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Held in GSA Media Center at 6 p.m.
Meeting was called to order by Dr. Jim Johnson at 6:08 p.m.
Open and Welcome
Dr. Johnson welcomed two new Global Scholars Academy (GSA) Board members: Dr. Sandra White and Dr. Zakiya Whatley.

Roll Call of Members: Ms. Amy Noble

Board Members Present: Dr. James Johnson, Dr. Tawannah Allen, Mr. William Smith, Ms. Virda Adams, Mrs. Dorothy Hairston Mitchell, Dr. Linda Bass, Mr. Kirk McCoy, Dr. Sandra White

Board Members Present via phone/Skype: Dr. Zakiya Whatley, Tammie Hall, Brian Wilson

Non-Board Members Present: Mr. Jason Jowers, Ms. Brittany Curry, Ms. Amy Noble, Ms. Brittney Gordon, Ms. Martha Morris, Mrs. Shakemia Jones, Ms. Anna Hinden

Approval of Agenda
The agenda for tonight’s meeting was unanimously approved following a motion by Dr. Allen and a second by Mrs. Hairston Mitchell.

Public Input

Approval of Meeting Minutes
The Board minutes from Monday, November 20, 2017 were unanimously approved following a motion by Mr. McCoy and a second by Dr. Bass.

Brittany Curry ­– Managing Director Quick Hits
Welcome Dr. White and Dr. Whatley to the Board.

GSA is re upping our partnership with UNC’s Nonprofit Board Consultants. Three UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School students will be non-voting members of the Board.

Third quarter began January 8 with 200 children enrolled.

Upcoming benchmark testing in March.

Spirit store launch delayed due to staff turnover with vendor.

Ms. Beach, the Kindergarten teacher, resigned over the break. Ms. Satchel was hired with offline approval.

Lottery is open as of January 2. Several upcoming school tours are scheduled.

Standard Reports:
Jason Jowers – Head of School Academic Reports
Student enrollment is 200.

Our EC department continues to grow with 3 more scholars added and another one recommend today.

mClass testing has begun.

WIDA testing for EL (English learners) will begin in February. This testing measures the growth of our English language learners.

Benchmark testing will take place in March.

Academic Reports: 21st Century
Winter Programming

  • Dance
  • Girlspersuingscience
  • Music and Storytelling – UNC Music Department
  • Uptown Glamour
  • Science Fun For Everyone
  • Chess

Looking to partner with NC State School of Education to provide free tutoring and student support.

Our Kindergarten teachers are attending Letterland enrichment training.

Academic Reports: Benchmark Data
Mr. Jowers presented the benchmark data comparing Q1 and Q2. Small dip Q2 in proficiency. Instituting creative and flexible grouping with middle school to do collaborative intervention. The 3rd and 5th grade teachers are working with the 4th grade teacher to grow that group. Reading is an area we are continuing to grow. A lot of emphasis is being placed on comprehension. Small groups are being pulled during intervention time and extended day.

ZYLAR (Zip Your Lips And Read) starts Friday. The focus is to have scholars become more thoughtful readers and build stamina.

Middle school students began the Accelerated Reader program in the Fall.


Brittany Curry ­– Managing Director Financial Reports

The Budget Committee met on December 5 to do reconciliation and move some items around in the budget.

Topline Tracker – indicates how we are tracking through the year from a revenue and expenses perspective. Student Services – significant increases based on increase in EC students. Increases in activity bus, marketing, and school nutrition program. Running an efficient budget. GSA will not have 21st Century money next year – hope to have rollover funds to use for Fall programming.

Grants – have short-, medium-, and long-term challenges we are looking to fund. We will have intention to apply for the 21st Century grant when it drops. Ms. Curry working to keep current donors engaged. Board members provided suggestions of additional grants and avenues to pursue.

Union Baptist Church (UBC) online giving – continued challenges. The new GSA tab on UBC’s web page links to the GSA website. Mr. Smith spoke with a member of the financial committee at UBC regarding the issues.

EC Desk review – several findings. Need to resubmit by Thursday.
School Nutrition Audit – 2 minor findings that have already been addressed. Thank you to Mrs. Bettie Lyons, GSA Nutrition Director for her excellent work.

Old Business:
Brittany Curry – Managing Director   LEAD Conference

Conference is sold out. We are on the waitlist. Administration will pursue other possibilities for conferences for the student ambassadors or National Junior Honor Society members.

Mr. Smith made a motion to add accident rider Plan 1 Accident Insurance Quote for a 52-week plan for $569 with a maximum benefit of $25k. Second by Mrs. Hairston Mitchell. Unanimously approved.

Tech stewardship – Proactive security, firewalls, and ongoing surveillance are being used.

New Business:
Brittany Curry – Managing Director

GSA is partnering with UNC’s Nonprofit Board Consultants

Ms. Gordon, one of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School students, shared her excitement about working with the GSA Board. Education is one of her greatest passions. Ms. Curry will be the direct point of contact for the three students.

Christmas was a very festive time at GSA with several exciting events for our scholars.

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School students raised money in a toy drive and brought toys to K-2 students. The students were so excited.

Jason Jowers – Head of School GSA Hours Change Proposal

Mr. Jowers presented a change proposal in an effort to provide a personnel solution for extended day – the challenge of learning continuing at a high level. After significant discussion, Dr. Whatley made a recommendation to assemble a subcommittee to work on a solution. Dr. Johnson, Dr. Whatley, Dr. Allen, and Mrs. Hairston Mitchell volunteered to be on the committee.


Adjournment for Closed Session:

A motion was made by Mr. Smith to go into closed session at 8:43 p.m. to consider the qualifications, competence, performance, condition of appointment of a public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee under the North Carolina General Statue 143-318.11(a)(1). Second by Dr. Allen. Motion carries.


Open Session:
A motion was made to go back into Open Session by Mr. McCoy at 9:11 p.m. with a second by Mr. Smith.


Dr. Allen made motion for the Board meeting to adjourn with a second by Mr. McCoy. The meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.