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Our Scholars are SOARING high in our community! 7th grader, Adriana Muniz-Flores’ social media self-portrait has been selected for The Superintendent’s Arts Initiative to be permanently displayed at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh. We are so proud of the recognition our scholars are getting for their hard work!

Global Scholars Academy’s art program is lead by Ms. Tamara Kwark.  Check out our interview with Ms. Kwark below:

How are you inspired by art and what made you want to teach art?

Art has always been a big part of my upbringing. I started taking private lessons when I was 5 and I pursued a career in art by studying at an art college (Rhode Island School of Design). It wasn’t enough to create art – I wanted to share the beauty and community of creation with others. I love children and I feel that God has given me a strong calling to teach young artists to create. I love all age groups because each child brings their own voice to their art in ways that I am always amazed by.

What are some ways you’ve implemented interdisciplinary practices to
tie in your Art class to what the scholars are learning in their core

I believe that art can be used to help scholars develop a deeper learning in their other classes. I’ve combined the arts with Science, English, Mandarin, Math, and Music across each grade level. Assignments included learning about traditional Chinese scrolls and incorporating Chinese characters that middle school scholars learned with Mrs. Wang (Mandarin teacher). Another assignment was introducing onomatopoeias to 2nd grade and middle school scholars, and combining their onomatopoeias with comic-style art. I am currently working on a business-art project with middle school scholars – they are learning about product design, economics, and how to advertise their brand.

How was Adriana’s piece selected?

Adriana has chosen these colors and Snapchat filter to represent her colorful and playful personality. She practices drawing realistic portraits in her free time and continues to develop her techniques in art class. Her self-portrait was selected due to her execution of materials and the overall presentation was carefully thought out.

What is your hope for the future of the Art Program at GSA?

This is the first year where scholars are focusing on the foundational basics of art, but my hope for the future is that we can venture in to specific focus areas such as theater & drama, sustainable arts, design and entrepreneurship, art therapy, and social justice using art.