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Below are some words from our community on the role that GSA plays in their lives.


“Prior to coming to GSA, my child was struggling with reading, writing, and her self-esteem. After attending GSA, her reading and comprehension has improved tremendously. A member of the staff has tutored her one on one. This helped my daughter realize someone at school really cared about her and the quality of education she is receiving. She enjoys learning and attending school each day. She is no longer shy and withdrawn, but is outgoing and eager to learn.” – Parent of a 4th Grader

“I can’t believe the progress that my child has made since he entered GSA. He entered as a first grader, but needed to repeat kindergarten in order to make the social and academic growth to perform well in first grade. His behavior and attitude have improved tremendously, giving him a better chance to develop the skills he needs to be successful.” – Parent of a 2nd Grader


“We are preparing our scholars for a globalized future. We are making the needs of the 21st century learner a priority. We provide scholars with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to enhance their personal growth as world citizens. The scholars are better prepared to be successful in today’s global workforce.” – Teacher


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