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GSA has been successful by many measures: positive student achievement, engaged teachers and mentors, and generous initial funding to build and kick-start key programs. Its early achievements may be best measured by the progress parents have noted in their own children. GSA’s network of community collaborators is at the heart of what makes GSA’s model unique and effective. Foundations such as the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, passionate community leaders including Union Baptist Church, and a committed board of directors have invested in GSA because they believe the model is innovative and capable of making a difference in Durham and beyond.

Your support is needed to help GSA continue and expand this important work in the local community. Your support will help GSA prepare disadvantaged students with the knowledge and experiences they need to be competitive in their secondary and post-secondary education and become the entrepreneurial leaders of the future. Ultimately, your support will help GSA develop the infrastructure needed for long-term financial sustainability, and make it possible to share this educational model with other vulnerable communities of students.

Global Scholars Academy’s Development Team oversees fundraising, events, and parent services. We support the school’s mission by securing financial resources, nurturing lifelong relationships, and developing a deep respect for our community’s goals. We welcome both longer-term recurring contributions and one-time donations to help sustain our aim of creating a dynamic educational experience for GSA students. In addition to monetary gifts, we invite community members to volunteer their time by working in classrooms or other support roles.


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$500,000 Target

  • $125,000 Raised 25% 25%








GSA receives per-scholar funding from state and local governments and applies for federal and other sources of support as time and resources allow. Enrollment is growing and on track to reach the school’s full capacity goal of 225 students. But even at full capacity, state and local per-scholar funding will be insufficient to hire and retain quality teachers and staff, provide the educational resources scholars need to prepare for working in a 21st century economy, and fully implement GSA’s vision.

GSA has six major funding goals:

  • Retain Quality Teachers and Staff
  • Develop Entrepreneurial Scholars
  • Enhance Scholars Access to Interactive Educational Technology
  • Maintain a Safe and Operational School
  • Support Ongoing Research and Evaluation of Best Educational Practices
  • Make GSA’s Financial Sustainability a Priority