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Global Scholars Academy Celebrates 10 Years!

Our Future is Coming into Focus and your sustainable giving will help get us there! 

With your help, GSA has built a foundation of incredible learning experiences, talented and culturally responsive faculty and staff, and accessible educational tools and resources – in a space that challenges our scholars to think crazy thoughts, to be brave and creative, to achieve, and to be well.

While the past few years have been unique and challenging in many ways, 2021 has shown us more than ever, what is required to reach the next level. GSA has been innovative and flexible but unwavering in our mission – and, perhaps most of all, we have been reminded of how important it is our young scholars are prepared to make their voices heard in every industry around the globe.

Please Note: We use the PayPal platform to receive donations but you are not required to have a PayPal account to give. The button above will redirect to our PayPal page where you can donate via PayPal or via debit or credit card. 

GSA’s network of community collaborators is the heart of what makes GSA’s model unique and effective.

GSA integrates an innovative model of strategic partnerships and research-based practices and involves parents and caregivers in ways that contribute to the health and success of students and the broader community. GSA is focused on developing teachers who can meet the unique needs of vulnerable youth and encouraging holistic student achievement through personal health, academic, and entrepreneurial education.

GSA receives per-scholar funding from state and local governments and applies for federal and other sources of support as time and resources allow. Even at full capacity, state and local per-scholar funding will be insufficient to hire and retain quality teachers and staff, provide the educational resources scholars need to prepare for working in a 21st-century economy, and fully implement GSA’s vision.

If this is your first time considering a gift to GSA, we hope you are compelled to join foundations such as the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust and the S.E.H. Tabitha Foundation, corporations like Johnson & Johnson, community organizations including TreesDurham, neighboring universities and the Durham, North Carolina Chapter of The Links, Inc., and individual donors who have demonstrated a commitment to creating equity of opportunity in education.

If you have donated to GSA before, we want to thank you for your ongoing commitment to helping us deliver and sustain a dynamic educational experience for GSA students.

With you as a part of our advocacy network, the sky is the limit for our students.

We are filled with gratitude for your support.