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Curriculum & Instruction

GSA offers an extended day scheduled with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and A+ curriculum-based instruction.

Whole Child Initiative

Non-academic stressors, and the high percentage of our scholars they affect, create an ongoing need to cultivate and promote a healthy school by supporting mental wellness, school nutrition, and regular physical activity as a part of the total learning environment – all in an effort to protect our scholars’ health, wellbeing, and capacity to learn.

School Profile

Global Scholars Academy (GSA) is a Title I, free, K-8, public charter school, located in Central Piedmont area of North Carolina; GSA is its own local education agency and an extended day, year-round program. We are a 100% minority scholar population – the racial and gender breakdown being about 50/50 Black/Hispanic and boys/girls.

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff consist of certified teachers, interventionists, and counselors, among other dedicated professionals. Teachers’ sustained engagement in and disciplined execution of strategies that improve scholar readiness for learning are the hallmarks of GSA’s education philosophy. The entire staff is equipped to act on GSA’s brand promise. GSA is one of the only laboratory school in North Carolina focused on developing teachers who can meet the unique needs of vulnerable youth.


GSA receives per-scholar funding from state and local governments and applies for federal and other sources of support. Our operating budget is approximately $3.5MM per year.

GSA Charter

GSA’s mission is to improve the educational outcomes and overall life chances of Durham, NC young people who are at the greatest risk of failure academically and in other walks of life due to significant social, economic, and educational challenges in their family, neighborhood, and community environments.


A variety of enrichment activities extend and bring to life the day’s learning, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education programs, chess club, LEGO robotics, financial literacy, and drama. The programs expose scholars to mentors and teachers from the community and provide experiences to reinforce learning.

Board of Directors and Governance

GSA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of academic, business and community leaders committed to the GSA mission.

Key Community Partnerships and Fundraising

GSA’s network of community collaborators is at the heart of what makes GSA’s model unique and effective. GSA receives per-scholar funding from state and local governments and applies for federal and other sources of support each year to increase the resources available to fulfill our mission.

Family and Community Engagement

Parent & Family Engagement Nights are partnered with Title I night each month. GSA offers a variety of workshops and events for parents and families: social/emotional workshops, curriculum workshops, parent dinner meetings, health & wellness workshops, Dinner with Dads, & Latino Night.