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Global Scholars Academy (GSA) Board Minutes Wednesday, August 23, 2017 Held in GSA Media Center at 11:30 a.m.

Meeting was called to order by Dr. James Johnson at 11:45 a.m.

Open and Welcome
Board Members Present: Dr. James Johnson, Dr. Tawannah Allen, Mr. William Smith, Mrs. Dorothy Hairston Mitchell
Board Members Present via phone/Skype: Mr. Kirk McCoy
Board Members Absent: Ms. Virda Adams, Dr. Linda Bass, Ms. Tammie Hall, Mr. Steven Pearson, Dr. Joselyn Todd, Mr. Brian Wilson, Rev. Kenneth Hammond (per Dr. James Johnson, Rev. Kenneth Hammond has officially resigned)
Non-Board Members Present: Mr. Jason Jowers, Mrs. Miya (Plummer) Brown, Ms. Brittany Curry, Ms. Jamie Nobles, Ms. Amy Noble, Mr. Don Curry, Mr. Mark McDaniel, Ms. Donna-Marie Winn
Quorum was not met – meeting is for information only.
Special Guest –
Azure Antoinette shared about her visit to GSA this week. She is encouraged by the spirit of tenacity, hope, and progress here at GSA. What is happening at GSA feels like a story that needs to be told. Azure has a passion for arts and education advocacy and making sure children in the minority space get every opportunity. She is really looking forward to partnering with GSA.
Public Input

Quick Hits
Brittany Curry – Managing Director

  • Backfill Board Seat – the Board is actively looking for a backfill of Board Member who resigned position to assume FT Managing Director position at GSA.
  • Union Baptist Church Affiliation – Union Baptist Church (UBC) owns the school facility and remains a critical supporter of GSA.
  • Uniforms –Every child is outfitted and the students love them. GSA will have an online spirit store soon.
  • Exceptional children’s contracts – Mrs. Mitchell has reviewed and contracts are approved.
  • Budget approved – Confirming (present in previous Board meeting minutes) the budget was approved for 17/18 school year.
  • Financial Statement compilation – when compilations are presented, they need to be approved.
  • Mrs. Hairston Mitchell – at the next Board meeting, she will talk about how GSA is to denote UBC on paperwork and in budget information.

School/Academic Reports:
Jason Jowers – Head of School School Enrollment and Academic Updates

  • Enrollment at 214 – up about 10 children from last year
  • Contracts – all teachers have signed contracts.
  • Testing – all beginning testing has taken place.
  • New Students – Over 55 new scholars, 22 of which are in Kindergarten.
  • Faculty and Staff – all staff positions are filled except Science teacher who left to help start a school. Actively trying to find someone and bringing in long term sub
  • PCC training with staff will be Sept 1.

Financial Reports:

Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant 2016-2017 School Year Close Review
Ms. Nobles presented information regarding the revenue, expenses, and surplus for the 2016-2017 school year. GSA ended the year with 189 students.

Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant Financial Updates
Ms. Nobles presented the monthly compilation financial statement. This is the final statement.

Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant Union Baptist Church Campaign
Ms. Nobles presented the information regarding the UBC campaign. They raised $76,102 this school year. GSA is estimating UBC will give about $70k during the 2017-2018 school year.

Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant Cash Update
Ms. Nobles shared an overview of the cash update on the operating account. It is planned for Dr. Johnson to open the savings account for the reserve.

A request for made to vote to add additional signers to the bank accounts, increase the credit card limits, and add an additional card. Mr. McCoy suggested a total limit of $15k. Dr. Johnson suggested adding Mr. McCoy and Mr. Smith as additional signers.

Fundraising Report:
Brittany Curry – Managing Director

Ms. Curry provided a fundraising update.

Kenan Charitable Trust and Tabitha Foundation money has been received.

Goodnight Foundation – Ms. Curry is following up with a personalized leading scholars packet.

A charter meeting is scheduled with the GSA administrative team, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Allen to provide a clear narrative of GSA and develop short-term and long-term comprehensive strategic plans.

21st Century Report:
Miya Brown – Asst. Head of School and 21st Century Director

Ms. Plummer has been leading classroom standardization guidelines in order to optimize learning environments and leveraging best practices.

21st Century Report:
Miya Brown – Asst. Head of School and 21st Century Director

Mrs. Brown presented information regarding the 21st Century budget. In accordance with the 21st Century grant, the budget been reduced by $57k this year. Some services are being paid for with last year’s money, so there is not an impact on students. STEM activities are more expensive so GSA is noticing that impact. The Extended Day program is fully staffed.

The Trump administration has eliminated this program.

STEAM will be much bigger coming down the road. Dr. Johnson was contacted by Eileen Roach that works at Duke – Borrows Welcome has a new STEAM initiative and has invited us to be a part of those discussions.

Dr. Johnson had lunch with Bob Ingram, former CEO of Glaxo Smith Kline. Mr. Ingram has expressed an interest in coming to visit and verbally committed to help fundraise for the school.

Old Business:
Brittany Curry – Managing Director Charge Policy
GSA has started implementing the Charge Policy.

The bus is fixed. Graphics will be done in the coming weeks. It was recommended that a letter of thanks be sent to Carol Woods for donating the bus. The mechanic’s shop gave GSA a $1200 discount.

Brittany Curry – Managing Director Social Media Policy
Mr. Smith – sent a letter to Jackie Brown at UBC regarding using GSA to set up a website and stating building primarily used for a school. Effective immediately – events should not start until 6:30 p.m.

Dr. Johnson had dinner with Pastor Rivers from UBC and shared about the school and the budget. He is committed to the school.

Rev Hammond has resigned from the Board since he is retiring for the church and would like to be the development liaison between the church and the school – talks are in progress.

Marketing Report:
Brittany Curry – Managing DirectorWebsite
The new GSA website is live. It contains sections for: meet the team, donate, blog, and an online spirit store coming soon. The Donation button is now live!

Brittany Curry – Managing DirectorUpdated Assets
Updated Assets are in use throughout the building including SOAR behavior posters, Eagle Bucks, the student creed, and new logos.

Brittany Curry – Managing DirectorAzure Antoinette

GSA held an assembly on Monday. Our scholars reenacted the Royal Ice Cream sit in and recited “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou. Yesterday, she did read alouds with the students in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Tomorrow evening, UNC’s Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History will host Azure Antoinette.

Ms. Curry shared the rest of the agenda for this week.

Roll Call of Members: Ms. Amy Noble

Dr. Johnson will follow up with written communication on items needing approval.

Topics originally scheduled for Closed Session will be deferred. Meeting adjourned at 12:52 p.m.

Due to a lack of achievement of quorum in the July and August Board meetings, the following items were voted on and unanimously approved via email by the following Board members: Dr. James Johnson, Dr. Tawannah Allen, Mr. William Smith, Ms. Virda Adams, Dr. Linda Bass, Ms. Tammie Hall, Mrs. Dorothy Hairston Mitchell, Mr. Kirk McCoy, Mr. Brian Wilson.

June 20 Board Minutes – Motion Ms. Hall, Second Dr. Allen

July 25 Agenda– Motion Ms. Hall, Second Dr. Allen

July 25 Board Minutes – Motion Ms. Hall, Second Dr. Allen

June 30 Financials Draft presented at July 25 meeting– Motion Ms. Hall, Second Dr. Allen

August 23 Agenda – Motion Ms. Hall, Second Dr. Allen

June 30 Financials Final presented at August 23 meeting– Motion Ms. Hall, Second Dr. Allen

Approval to add William Smith and Kirk McCoy to all accounts as authorized signers with full access – Motion Ms. Hall, Second Dr. Allen. Mr. Smith abstained from this vote.

Approval for Brittany Curry to have a credit card with a credit limit that places the 3 card total at $15,000. Currently, the limit is $5,000 – Motion Ms. Hall, Second Dr. Allen