GSA is dedicated to maximizing learning beyond the universal curriculum for talent development. We will provide superior learners with instruction that will foster high-level thinking and personal development which will result in more complete, productive individuals, who are prepared for many paths that empower them with skills to successfully thrive as global citizens.

Academically Gifted: Students who have demonstrated high academic performance in a single academic field within the regular academic programing. Students can be identified in reading (AR) or math (AM) or both reading and math (AG/AIG). These students perform highly on their achievement assessments.

Intellectually Gifted: Students who have demonstrated high intellectual capacity, but have not yet demonstrated high academic performance.  These students perform in the superior range on aptitude assessments with little evidence of achievement.

Levels of Service for our AIG Scholars:

In K-2, teachers collaborate with the AIG coordinator. A series of observations are done that focus on students’ higher order thinking skills. A portfolio can support formal gifted nominations in 3rd grade. All children are a part of AIG in this stage, which is called the talent development process.

 In 3rd grade, each scholar is evaluated through evidence in their portfolio which included assessments and work samples. Gifted identification and services continues throughout the rest of elementary and middle school.

Students may be deemed gifted in reading and/or math. Gifted services are provided by the classroom teacher and supported by the AIG specialist/coordinator.

GSA’s AIG Quick Facts Guide 

GSA’s AIG Detailed Plan for School Years 2022-2025