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October 17, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Global Scholars Academy (GSA) Board Minutes Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Held in GSA Media Center at 6 p.m.

Meeting was called to order by Dr. Johnson at 6:14 p.m.


Open and Welcome


Roll Call of Members: Ms. Amy Noble


Board Members Present: Dr. James Johnson, Dr. Linda Bass, Ms. Virda Adams, Ms. Tammie Hall, Mr. William Smith, Mrs. Hairston Mitchell


Board Members Present via phone/Skype: Dr. Tawannah Allen, Mr. Brian Wilson


Board Members Absent: Mr. Kirk McCoy


Non-Board Members Present: Mr. Jason Jowers, Ms. Brittany Curry, Ms. Jamie Nobles, Ms. Amy Noble, Ms. Tamara Kwark, Ms. Candace Garrett, Mr. Darius Bannerman


Approval of Agenda

The agenda for tonight’s meeting was unanimously approved following a motion by Mrs. Hairston Mitchell and a second by Dr. Bass.


Public Input

Mr. Bannerman - visited Cary Academy this morning and had a good first impression for his 8th grader desiring to go there.

Tamara Kwark – GSA’s Art Teacher - thank you to all for being supportive in her first year here.

Candace Garrett - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher and Literacy Coach for 1st grade introduced herself.


Approval of Meeting Minutes

The board minutes from Tuesday, September 19, 2017 were unanimously approved following a motion to accept the minutes as written by Mrs. Hairston Mitchell and a second by Mr. Smith.


Standard Reports:

Jason Jowers – Head of School        School Enrollment and Academic Updates

Student enrollment is 204 students.


Due to an increase in our EC population, GSA is looking for an additional staff member. The role of the Behavior Specialist has also been expanded to support EC.


Read to Achieve testing is coming up. North Carolina requires every 3rd grader to take the BOG (Beginning of Grade) and EOG (End of Grade) tests. Students that were not successful in the EOG in the Read to Achieve passages have to retake in 4th grade.


Technology Abuse - a few recent incidents with 4th and 5th graders, rethinking if it is too soon to allow them as much access to technology. A letter will be sent home to parents.


A new middle school Social Studies teacher has been hired. She is certified.


PACC (Protection, Affection, Correction, and Connection) training was held for staff and a follow-up will occur.



Board Members discussed the importance of bullying and cyber-bullying policies for students as well as social media use by staff.


Brittany Curry – Managing Director and Jamie Nobles – GSA Accountant Financial Report

Ms. Curry and Ms. Nobles presented the financial update, an overview of funds that have been received.


Overall trending fine. GSA will reconcile with Thomas and Gibbs every quarter on the compilation.

Some budget reallocation will be coming - but the budget will stay the same.


A check was received today for March-June online giving for $5800 from Union Baptist Church (UBC). There is a meeting scheduled with Dr. Bass, UBC, and GSA on October 30. UBC total giving from July and August - $10,477.

Audit updates were shared containing the information Ms. Barr had already presented to the Board and the remaining information needed from Thomas and Gibbs.


Mr. Smith asked Ms. Nobles to reach out to Ms. Barr regarding filing Form 990 on time.

EC Desk Review was submitted last week.


School Nutrition Audit is at end of this month.


Dr. Johnson is going Friday to set up bank account. Mr. Smith expressed the need to have a letter on file that authorizes the Chairman of the Board to open the account and add additional people to the account.

Mr. Smith move to authorize Dr. Johnson to open new accounts and add additional people to the accounts as is necessary to the workings of Global Scholars Academy. Seconded by Ms. Hall.


Ms. Curry - EC Desk Review - if anything raises flags, may have an audit. GSA has corrected any items and following all state rules and reporting time accurately.


Jason Jowers – Head of School        21st Century Program Updates

There will be a Parent Empowerment Meeting on Thursday with SunTrust Credit Repair Session for parents.


The Gain Ground Coding Class will have a showcase in October.


Some of the elementary classes have field trips coming up during extended day based off of topics they have been learning in class.


Working on funding and implementation on the Culinary Arts program. Looking for a new partner or continue with current partner. GSA hopes to have the program up and running by January.


UNC MBAs came and helped clean out the garden and will start harvesting vegetables - may be able to marry the two initiatives together.


The House Appropriations Committee voted to restore $100 million of the 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) afterschool and summer learning funding that had been cut in the Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act. GSA will submit a grant application draft to the Board in November and submit the grant in January.




Brittany Curry – Managing Director   Fundraising

Strategic Planning

Kenan - October Update Due

Tabitha Foundation - renewal - we are in year 3 of 4

Goodnight Foundation - renewed energy around the partnership, Cary Academy visit by Ms. Curry


Digging down into strategic planning - sustain, renew, go find, resource raising, self sustain


Dr. Johnson mentioned that one of the organizations he and Mr. Smith are members of has allocated some money to GSA if a proposal is submitted for funding Dinner with Dads.


Dr. Johnson spoke with the head of Kenan Charitable Trust and he had a lot of positive things to say about GSA.


Old Business:

Brittany Curry – Managing Director   Social Media Policy

Ms. Curry presented a proposed Social Media Policy and a discussion ensued. Much of the language is garnered from North Carolina Policy 7355.


Mrs. Hairston Mitchell requested a report from Mr. Prince at the next meeting on how things are monitored.


New Business:

Brittany Curry – Managing Director   Revenue Management

Ms. Curry discussed Revenue Management

Balance of Revenue: Prioritization, Growing the pie, Decreasing hyper dependency, Driving self sustainability

5 key revenue buckets – Government, Private, Self Funding, Corporate, UBC



Dr. Johnson spoke about the special series the Raleigh News and Observer is doing on charter schools. He encouraged everyone to read the whole series and define our informed response.


Dr. Johnson received a call from the N.C. Department of Education inviting him to speak. He encouraged research regarding funding for charter schools at the federal level and preparing a presentation to pitch to legislation.


Dr Johnson - opportunity in school for naming opportunities (ex: sponsor a classroom, a brick, etc.)


Mrs. Hairston Mitchell requested an update on uniforms. Ms. Curry reported that long sleeve polos and cardigans are available for order. A web store will launch soon with uniform shirts, hoodies, P.E. shirts and shorts, and t-shirts for field trips.


Ms. Hall inquired about offerings like entrepreneurship or classes for service industries that may require tech skills or certification but not college degree? Mr. Jowers spoke regarding the Spring partnership with UNC School of Business and was interested in the idea of having specialty courses. GSA’s challenge would be to think creatively on space. Dr. Johnson recommended leveraging one of those programs to help some of the dads or some family literacy programs.




Adjournment for Closed Session:

A motion was made by Mr. Smith to go into closed session to consider the qualifications, competence, performance, condition of appointment of a public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee under the North Carolina General Statue 143-318.11(a)(1) at 7:57 p.m. Second by Mrs. Hairston-Mitchell.


Open Session:

A motion was made to go back into Open Session by Mr. Smith with a second by Mrs. Hairston Mitchell at 8:19 p.m.



A motion was made by Mr. Smith to ratify the hiring of a middle school Social Studies teacher with a second by Mrs. Hairston Mitchell. The motion carries unanimously.


A motion was made by Mr. Smith to authorize Dr. Johnson to execute a performance bonus to the Head of School with a second by Ms. Hall. The motion carries unanimously.



Mr. Smith made motion for the Board meeting to adjourn with a second by Dr. Allen. The meeting adjourned at 8:21 p.m.