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Science Fun for Everyone

Science Fun for Everyone

Global Scholars Academy has partnered with Science Fun for Everyone to integrate a fun and dynamic science curriculum within our extended day programming. Science Fun for Everyone is dedicated to creating that magical moment where science education can collide with a student’s innate curiosity and imagination. Our mission is to provide this positive and powerful experience for every possible child! By partnering with students, teachers, parents and businesses, we have the ability to make this dream a reality!

​Curriculum components include:

  • Chemical Concoctions: Put on your safety goggles and join us for some chemistry craziness! We’ll mix it up in this bubbly, foamy, and slimy exploration of amazing chemical reactions!
  • Buggy Biology: Become an aspiring entomologist with our coolest crawling activities yet! Have you ever seen through the eyes of a fly or made friends with a spider? We’ll make create-n-keep compost cups and more in our Buggy Biology program!
  • Wacky Weather: Explore what makes lightening flash and even taste a cloud! Mini meteorologists will grow never-melting snow and spin tornadoes in our “shockingly” fun Weather Wonders program!

​        And many more…