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Global Scholars Academy's innovative and rigorous curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population. At GSA, students engage in reading and writing across the curriculum, while teachers frequently collaborate to create cross-curricular projects throughout the school day. Technology is integrated as an educational tool for students and teachers to use in a variety of learning environments. The arts are studied as a unique discipline and are also often used to help enhance interactive academic experiences. Our curriculum is developed at each grade level using the latest research in child and adolescent development, from cognitive studies to investigations into the accepted best practices in pedagogy.

One great advantage of being a K-8 program is having the ability to map curriculum across grade levels in order to make the transition between grades as seamless as possible and to ensure that students acquire the skills to continue growing academically and emotionally. Teachers at the lower and middle school levels have dedicated time for meeting regularly to reflect on instructional strategies so that we may continually meet the needs of our evolving student population.

A variety of enrichment activities extend and bring to life the day’s learning, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education programs, chess club, LEGO robotics, financial literacy, and drama. The programs expose students to mentors and teachers from the community and provide experiences to reinforce learning.

The school’s strong programs in academics, the arts, and enrichment courses give students the opportunity to develop their talents while preparing for a life long journey of education.


School Report Cards 2018

2017-2018 School Report Card Performance
School Performance Grade: C
School Performance Score: 61
Growth Status: Exceeded

School Report Cards 2017

Read to Achieve Grade 3 End-of-Year Results

Global Scholars Academy (32M000)


Read to Achieve Grade 3

End-of-Year Results

G.S. §115C-83.10 requires "each local board of education to publish annually on a Web site maintained by that local school administrative unit and report in writing to the State Board of Education (SBE) by September 1of each year the following information on the prior school year:"

Note: The denominator for calculating the required percentages for Rows 1, 2, and 3 is all students in membership at grade 3 for the first day of spring testing.


Number of Students




Demonstrated reading proficiency on the Beginning-of-Grade 3 (BOG3) English Language Arts (ELA)/Reading Test, the End-of-Grade (EOG) ELA/Reading Assessment, or the EOG ELA/Reading Retest (i.e., scored Level 3 or higher).




Did notdemonstrate reading proficiency on the BOG3 ELA/Reading Test, the EOG ELA/Reading Assessment, or the EOG ELA/Reading Retest.




The number and percentage of students exempt from mandatory retention in third grade for good cause. Students may be counted in this category only once.



The denominator for Row 4 is the number of students from Row 2 minus the number of students from Row 3.


The number and percentage of students who took and passed an alternative assessment approved by the SBE (i.e., Read to Achieve Test or locally determined SBE-approved alternative assessment). Students may be counted in the numerator and/or the denominator only once for this category.



The denominator for Row 5 is all students in membership at grade 3 for the first day of spring testing.


Total number and percentage of students retained for not demonstrating reading proficiency on third-grade standards (For 2017-18, students who are not proficient will be either: (1)retained in third grade accelerated class, (2) placed in a transition class with a retained label, or (3) placed in a fourth-grade accelerated class with a retained reading label.



The denominator for Row 6 is the number of retained students recorded in number 5.


Charter Schools Only: Charter schools must indicate the number and percentage of retained students recorded in number 5 who do not return to the charter school for the upcoming school year.




Note: Privacy laws dictate that for fewer than 10 students, the specific number and percentage should not be given.  Therefore, if the number is less than 10 students, schools should use an asterisk (*) to represent less than 10 students and the percentage. An * indicates that the student population number and percentage is too small to report the value. The percentage and number of students are not shown if the percentage is greater than 95 percent (>95) or less than 5 percent (<5).